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Swipe copy

✨ If you’re looking for Facebook-safe, done-for-you copywriting, done quick AND easy, look no further than Your Ads on Demand! ✨

They’ve taken the stress out of copy …

They know the ad policies, so you don’t have to! 🥳

If it’s legal and not a product that Facebook or Google have banned, they can write for it!

❤️ “She [Jo McKee of Your Ads on Demand] knows the ad policies, she nails the pain points and knows how to write ads that convert.” – Yee Lin Loke

❤️ “Jo and the team routinely knock it out of the park for us and our clients.” – Isobel Burns

Order now to have your copy ready within 3 business days …

… or 2, if you want to ‘rush’ it … 


Swipe copy

We get it – it’s getting to be that time of day, isn’t it?

We all want to get home, get comfortable, maybe pop that TV on, happen upon that bottle of wine, or crack open a beer …

Or, you know, whatever it is you do … 😉🤭

We know copywriting ISN’T anything exciting …

… but Your Ads on Demand is here to do the work ✔️ so YOU can do ‘you’!

Bringing you Facebook-safe, done-for-you copywriting in just 3 business days, Yours Ads on Demand is for business owners that need stronger converting copy for ALL their digital campaigns.

Quit the blank staring and order now to have your copy ready within 3 business days …

… so you can go back to doing whatever you do best! ❤️

✨ “I absolutely love the copy. It totally “hits the mark”.” – Sam
✨ “Great copy – I’ll definitely use your service again.” – Dario


Your Ads on Demand client feedback

In case you’re wondering, here are the FAQs …

Can you supply images and videos as well?

For creative designed for the best possible ROI, contact the fabulous team at Tap Into Creative. Like us, they’re well-versed in running lucrative ad campaigns so will make you images and videos that perform brilliantly.

What if I don’t like the copy?

It’s important that the copy does the job. If you receive anything you don’t like, or that you think isn’t “on message”, let us know within 24 hrs. All orders include a couple of revisions if needed to make sure everything’s good to go.

How long will it take to get my order?

Please allow 3 working days, unless you’ve selected the “rush order” option to make sure it’s done in 2. Of course, if I can get it to you earlier, I will … nothing like a tidy desk!

What if what I need isn’t on the order form?

Easy. Email grow@mckeecreative.store with your brief and I’ll send a fixed quote + timeframe for delivery. If you need a quick call to go over what you need, book it in here.

Can I see examples of your copy?

The work done for other clients is theirs, so I don’t send out examples. However, a background in journalism and book editing means I research and write in each brand’s tone effectively.

Do you teach how to write copy?

Glad you asked! Copywriting for Profit is available now – I’ll teach you how to write copy easily + understand the commercial, format and policy considerations for each platform. Weekly live edit calls mean you can get help with what you’re working on right now. Enrol here.

Do you white label ad campaign management?

Yes. We run strong ecomm and lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Google, and also look after SEO. Contact me for more info: grow@mckeecreative.store